Summer Activities for Youth


Many children look forward to having a break from school, homework and tests. However, it typically does not take long for children to feel bored. SCIP has prepared a list of healthy summer activities available throughout Nebraska to help keep children active. Check out a list of summer activities below:

List of summer activities


                                                          13 Reasons Why

On March 31, Netflix released Thirteen Reasons Why, a TV series based on a popular novel. The fictional story is a cautionary tale of a young girl’s suicide, and covers other sensitive subject matter as the series progresses. The series has been very popular among youth. In response, the Jed Foundation and SAVE drafted talking points to assist parents, teachers, and other gatekeepers in talking to youth about suicide. To view the talking points, use this link:

Below is text from an email that was sent by the company that produces Signs of Suicide curriculum regarding the series.

Why We Need to Talk About 13 Reasons Why