As we enter into another school year there are many testing dates to keep in mind. If you are interested in the testing schedule or have any questions about individual tests, please feel free to access the LSW Testing Website. To get to the site simply go to the LSW main page (lsw.lps.org) and click on the “LSW Testing Information” link under the “Academics” tab.'

Writing Graduation Demonstration Exam (WGDE)
As the WGDE requirement is now fulfilled through the English 9 curriculum, ONLY those seniors who have not already passed the Writing Graduation Demonstration Exam (WGDE) will take part in WGDE testing this October. Students who need to complete the WGDE will receive an information letter detailing the dates and times they are to report for testing.

 Reading Graduation Demonstration Exam (RGDE)

Freshmen and any other students in 10th, 11th, and 12th who have NOT yet passed the Reading Graduation Demonstration Exam (RGDE) or *fulfilled the requirement otherwise, will be taking the RGDE on the morning of September 28. The following are ways in which incoming Freshmen would have fulfilled the RGDE requirement in Middle School, and will not need to take the RGDE this Fall. To be exempt from the fall RGDE, an incoming Freshman must meet the demonstration in one of the following ways:

 The GDEs are assessments that provide evidence that a student has reached an expected level of achievement. The GDEs were adopted by Lincoln Board of Education to ensure that all students who graduate from LPS are skilled in reading and writing. Why is this assessment given to ninth grade students? LPS wants to ensure that all students have the opportunity to show their level of mastery in reading and writing. Early testing also gives students plenty of time to learn these skills if they don’t pass as ninth graders. Finally, early testing communicates what is expected for graduation with regard to reading and writing.

Once a student has passed the GDEs or met the requirement in another way, they are no longer expected to take the assessment at future testing opportunities. If a student does not pass, we have the time and the opportunity to provide classroom instruction and or supplemental instruction to close the gap of understanding and performance. Students will find out how well they did in a special mailing. Accommodations for students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) will be honored if they have been noted in the student’s IEP. Parents or guardians of students participating in special education should contact their child’s IEP Manager for additional information.

It is important that students are in attendance on the days of testing. Please refrain from scheduling appointments and other events that would take your child out of school in the morning of the dates listed below if they are a part of the tested community.

October 24th-November 4th (as assigned) -- WGDE- Reading and Writing Formats: Multiple-Choice, Narrative Essay, Expository Essay.  September 28th -- RGDE- Vocab. & Comprehension Format: Multiple Choice

There is no GDE test administered for math. The Math GDE is met entirely through the successful completion of Algebra.
More information about the testing schedule, test descriptions, and test preparation can be found on the LSW Testing Website. To get to the site simply go to the LSW main page (lsw.lps.org) and click on the “LSW Testing Information” link

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