August 12, 2015 - Student Bulletin


You’ve Been Caught – SOAR – WAY TO GO!!!

- Prize

– 1st in line for Lunch

-Premier Parking


Seniors need to bring a Center Card or a parent. To receive a Center Card, please bring the following:

Household income must be 150% or less of the federal poverty income. For more information, please call the Center for People in Need at (402) 476-4357.

 LUNCH FOR : August 12,  2015


  Please check are LSW calendar for upcoming sporting events and for any updates on the events.



Students and families are reminded to visit the LSW Counseling Center website (, Facebook page (, and Pinterest site ( to access a variety of resources that are updated on an ongoing basis throughout the school year.

Additionally, there is a new criteria students can meet to be eligible for the ACE Scholarship.  A student whose family income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level and who is enrolled in a career program of study can apply for an ACE Scholarship.  Career program of study means a sequence of at least three high school courses that:

Students applying under this criteria will mark it on the application and will be required to provide a copy of their parent’s 2014 1040 tax form and scholarship personnel will do the calculation to make sure they meet the income guideline.  By you approving the ACE application you are certifying that the student meets the career program of study guidelines listed above.  The amount of the scholarship will be the amount the college is charging for the course or $250, whichever is less.