September 2, 2015 - Student Bulletin


You’ve Been Caught – SOAR – WAY TO GO!!!


LUNCH FOR : September 2,  2015




College Visits:


Students have opportunity to apply for the Lincoln Public Schools Youth Advisory board, which is facilitated through Leadership Lincoln, Inc. and their Youth in Action Center.  For the first time, this experience is available to non Youth Leadership Lincoln youth and all LPS high school scholars are welcome to fill out a board application to be considered.  Applicants can range in gender, interests, involvements and academic achievement to ensure a well rounded board.    For additional information contact Laura Uridil at 402.441.4661 or

*The LPSYAB will meet once a month with Dr. Pat Hunter-Pirtle (Director of Secondary Education). 

**These meetings will take place from 4:00-5:00pm on the second Thursday of each month. 

***We will meet at LPSDO (5905 O St (Lincoln, NE)

Free Baylor ACT Test Prep Workshop for NWU Honors Academy Students

NWU Honors Academy Students will have three options for participating in a free Baylor ACT Test Prep Workshop. Workshops will be held in August, October, or December. Click on the link below for the date that you are interested in.

UNL College of Architecture will host an Open House on October 2nd at 8 am. High school students will have the opportunity to learn about College of Architecture academic programs, lunch with faculty and students, tour the College facilities, and participate in a design activity. To register for the Open House, visit Check out the College of Architecture website Please register by September 28, 2015 to secure a seat.

Students who cannot attend the Open House are encouraged to contact us for a campus visit! Please contact Leslie Gonzalez, Admissions Coordinator or call 402-472-9233.


Compared to the tuition rates at other research institutions, it’s plain to see that your dollars go further at WSU. For example, the $16,000 Freshmen Merit Scholarship alone will cover nearly half of a student’s tuition and fees over four years. Add to this the quality of WSU’s programs and the limitless resources only found in its location — and becoming a Shocker makes perfect sense.
Click here for more information about Freshmen Merit Scholarships.

Students who are admitted and eligible will receive invitations beginning in September. More details to come.AGH Scholarship Competition (Barton School of Business)
Friday, Nov. 20, 2015
The AGH Scholarship competition is the  annual competition that determines the $44,000 Clay Barton Scholar. Academically talented students interested in a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with an eligible major (full list on scholarship site).
o Be a 2016 high school graduate
o 3.5 or higher GPA and a 24 or higher ACT
o Be admitted by Oct 15, 2015
o Declare a business major

Wallace Invitational for Scholarships in Engineering (WISE)
Friday, Nov. 20, 2015
WISE is an exciting competition held each Fall for high school seniors interested in studying engineering at WSU. Ten (10) $20,000 scholarships are awarded based on GPA, ACT Math and ACT Composite scores, and results of the hands-on competition consisting of a group design challenge and a written essay. For additional information and to apply visit
o Be a 2016 high school graduate
o 3.5 or higher GPA and a 24 or higher ACT
o Be admitted by Oct. 15
o Declare a major in engineering

Distinguished Scholarship Invitational (DSI)
Saturday, November 21, 2015
A variety of scholarships are awarded to DSI participants, including two $52,000 Harry Gore Memorial Scholarships – two of the largest scholarships in Kansas!
o Senior in high school
o Must be admitted by Oct. 15, 2015
o Must have a 3.5 or higher GPA AND a 24 or higher ACT (or equivalent SAT of 1090)

Honors College Koch Scholars Competition
Saturday, Nov. 21, 2015
o Be a 2016 high school graduate
o Be honors eligible – 27 ACT or 3.7 GPA or a 1220 SAT
o Be admitted by Oct. 15
o Declare a specific major in engineering or business
o Awards 10 awards ranging from $30-60K – $30K for in-state and $60K for non-Kansas residents

College of Education’s Klose Scholarship Essay Competition
Each year the College of Education offers a scholarship competition to high school seniors who declare a major in math or science education at WSU.
o Be a 2016 high school graduate
o 3.5 or higher GPA and a 24 or higher ACT o Be admitted by Oct. 15
o Declare a major in math or science education
o Awards three scholarships up to $29,000 each
o Essay due Nov. 1, 2015
o Competition interviews are Jan. 15, 2016
For additional information, visit 

Jabara Endowed Scholarship
The W. Frank Barton School of Business and the Center for Entrepreneurship awards two $20,000 Professor Fran Jabara Endowed Scholarships each year to students majoring in entrepreneurship.
o The scholarship is awarded over a four year period
o Have a minimum 3.5 high school GPA and a minimum 24 ACT or 1090 SAT
o Declare a specific major in entrepreneurship at WSU

Additional Competitions
o McGregor – Honors eligible student. Awards a $26,000 award. Essay only.
o School of Music scholarships. Awards up to $20,000.
o Linwood Sexton – full-ride scholarship.

Freshmen Merit Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Name

Kansas Resident*


Presidential Merit Scholarship



Morrison Merit Scholarship

$ 14,000


Founders Merit Scholarship

$ 12,000


Heritage Merit Scholarship

$   8,000

$  8,000

For more scholarship opportunities, visit

The Big Red Battalion, University of Nebraska, Lincoln Army ROTC, reminds students of opportunities available through the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC). These opportunities include 4-year and 3-year scholarships at one of over 1,000 colleges and universities that offer Army ROTC and the opportunity to become an Army Officer after earning a degree. Scholarships cover 100% tuition and fees or room and board, include a book allowance of $1,200 per year and a monthly stipend ranging from $350-$500 per month.

The value of an Army ROTC scholarship underscores the caliber of student they are looking for to become future Officers. In fact, the average scholarship recipients for scholarships previously awarded had an average GPA of 3.6, an average ACT of 26, 93% were in the top 50% of their class, and nearly all (96%) competed in high schools sports or competitive sports leagues.

 It is for good reason that high expectations exist for future Cadets, thus future Officers. Army Officers are charged with leading the Soldiers in our nation’s Army and the Army ROTC prepares college students for doing just that through Army ROTC. Cadets learn the art of leadership by taking Military Science classes in addition to their major coursework (all degrees accepted) throughout college. Cadets also complete extracurricular ROTC training requirements to include some summer training programs. Cadets that successfully complete their degree requirements and the requirements for Army ROTC have earned the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army. Some 2nd Lieutenants choose to serve on Active Duty, while some choose to pursue a civilian career while serving in the Army National Guard or Army Reserves.

The Army ROTC is a commissioning source that produces Officers after college, just as the US Military Academy does. Additionally, many misunderstand Army ROTC in college as synonymous with JROTC found in high schools. Though the ROTC and JROTC programs do fall under the same command at higher levels, they have significantly different missions and training objectivesCadets are not required to attend basic training and AIT as a requirement for Army ROTC; it simply starts with enrolling in Military Science classes.

 If you  have any questions about Army ROTC please feel free to contact me or pass along my contact information. You can also find instructions pasted below for students that would like to apply for the Army ROTC scholarship. The application window for high school seniors is now open and students are highly encouraged to apply early.

Students and families are reminded to visit the LSW Counseling Center website (, Facebook page (, and Pinterest site ( to access a variety of resources that are updated on an ongoing basis throughout the school year.

Additionally, there is a new criteria students can meet to be eligible for the ACE Scholarship.  A student whose family income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level and who is enrolled in a career program of study can apply for an ACE Scholarship.  Career program of study means a sequence of at least three high school courses that:

Students applying under this criteria will mark it on the application and will be required to provide a copy of their parent’s 2014 1040 tax form and scholarship personnel will do the calculation to make sure they meet the income guideline.  By you approving the ACE application you are certifying that the student meets the career program of study guidelines listed above.  The amount of the scholarship will be the amount the college is charging for the course or $250, whichever is less.


LPS Student Serve will be on the week of Sept. 14th-18th.  Students may visit to sign up for volunteer projects for that week. 

Tickets are on sale for Silver Hawk Theatre's Fall Play - THE OUTSIDERS. $10 for adults and $8 for students. STUDENT SEASON PASS holders, please bring your pass to the Box Office for your hole punch and actual ticket to the show of your choosing. Performances are Sept. 24, 25 at 7:00 p.m.  & Sept. 27 at 2:00 p.m.

Are you interested in other cultures? Would you like to travel to other countries someday? If you answer was "yes" to either of those questions, its' not too late to sign up for our exciting trip to visit our Sister School, Senshu Matsudo, in Japan next summer! For more information on this exciting, perspective-altering trip of a lifetime, visit the information site at ~ The deadline for forms and the first deposit is August 31st- so check out the trip details and submit your forms before it's too late!!!

The Capital Humane Society has a fundraiser coming up called Throw the Bones on Saturday, September 12th and they are looking for 300 volunteers to help out. Students would be in groups of two asking for donations to benefit the pets at Capital Humane Society before the Husker football game that evening. School service hours will be given for this event. They can sign up and look at more details through our website at   If you have any questions, please contact Kathryn Lenz at 402-441-4488 extension 5504.   

Get your team of 4 together for The Hub’s first ever fundraising event:  Minute to Win It! - Thursday, September 3 in The Railyard.  5 to 7 pm  All proceeds from this event will benefit The Hub’s efforts to educate, employ and empower young people (ages 16-24) to transition successfully to adulthood. Your team will compete in one-minute challenges. Each team will compete in at least two games and the highest ranking teams will move on to a Final Four round of competition. Win prizes by having a creative team theme and costumes!  $100 entry for a team of 4 members, ages 14 and older. Space is limited to only 24 teams. Reserve your spot today by emailing