May 19, 2016 - Student Bulletin


Finals Schedule

May 18                                                       
07:50-8:55     Final Exam Preparation                
09:00-10:30   Block 1 exam                                 
10:45-12:15   Block 2 exam                                  
12:15-3:30     make-up if necessary        

May 19                                                     
07:50-8:55     Final Exam Preparation                
09:00-10:30   Block 3 exam                                 
10:45-12:15   Block 4 exam                                  
12:15-3:30     make-up if necessary     

You’ve Been Caught Soaring!

LUNCH FOR: May 19, 2016


New lockers are assigned each school year.  Please clean out all items from your academic and PE lockers.  Anything left after Thursday, May 19 will be removed and donated.

Also, check lost and found in the Security Office for any items you are missing.  Any unclaimed items will be donated.


DECA BURGER BASH!  Thursday after 4th block finals.  Meals include chips, cookie, and a drink. 

-$3 quarter pound burger 

-$4 quarter pound cheese burger

-$5 half pound double cheese burger


 Please check our LSW calendar for upcoming sporting events and for any updates on the events.


Graduation Ceremony- Graduation is Sunday, May 22, 2016 at the Bob DeVaney Sports Center. All seniors participating in the ceremony must wear a cap and gown ordered from Lincoln Graduation. Please make sure you have a cap and gown ordered. Orders can be placed on-line at:



Students and families are reminded to visit the LSW Counseling Center website (, Facebook page (, and Pinterest site ( to access a variety of resources that are updated on an ongoing basis throughout the school year 



Suicide rates in NE have doubled in the past year. The group Stop the Stigma Lincoln is hosting a city-wide talent show to raise awareness and funding for the Mental Health Association of Nebraska. The Talent show will take place on May 19th at 7p.m. at the Lied Center. Tickets are available at and from student council members. Any questions contact Aryana Kamelian or email


It is very important for LPS Seniors (graduates) with data on Google Drive that they wish to take with them.  Please encourage EVERY Senior to retrieve this data prior to leaving LPS.  Even if they are unsure if they will ever want it, it is very important to grab it NOW.  As soon as they leave LPS (even the day after they leave) their files are no longer available to them.

To retrieve their data, ALL SENIORS need to follow the instructions listed below, which are also available by clicking  here or visiting prior to graduation.  (PRIOR to graduation).

Simple Steps for Exporting Your Google Drive Data

  1. Open your LPS Google Drive (
  2. Click the app launcher in the top right of the screen and select “My Account
  3. On your account overview page, select “Control Your Content
  4. On the Control your content page select “CREATE ARCHIVE
  5. By default the tool wants to download your Google data from all of the tools in your account. If you only want to download Google Drive files, click “Select None” then specifically select “Drive” form the options presented. Click “Next.”
  6. Leave File Type as “.zip” and set Delivery Method as “Send download link via email.” Click “Create Archive.”
  7. Wait patiently for Google to send you an email.
  8. When the email arrives, click “Manage Archives” to be taken to a screen where you can download the archive file(s) created.
  9. Click “Show Downloads” and download the desired archive files.

Video Tutorial is available at

Helpful Notes


Lunch account balances- Lunch account balances will automatically carry over from this year to next, even for students changing schools within LPS. Students leaving the district can obtain a refund for any amount.  ONLY lunch account balances that exceed $20.00 may be refunded for returning students.  Students with balances exceeding $20 may request their refund from the cafeteria manager until May 19th.