Senior Information - 2018-2019


2019 Graduation is at Pinnacle Bank Arena, Sunday, May 26, 6 p.m.  No tickets are required for family and friends.  Seating is on a first come first serve basis.  Please note that we are required to follow Pinnacle Bank Arena's clear bag policy.  A letter was sent to all potential senior graduates with information about graduation, senior breakfasts, and senior honors.  In case you didn't receive the letter here's the link:  Senior letter

5/14/19  Senior Meeting 2:05 p.m., auditorium
5/14/19  Cap & Gown distribution after senior meeting
5/22/19  Senior Breakfast, 7:45-8:50 a.m., commons
5/22/19  Senior Honors, 1:00 p.m., auditorium
5/26/19  Graduation, Pinnacle Bank Arena, 6 p.m.

Google Drive Information - seniors

This message is very important for LPS Seniors (graduates) with data on Google Drive that they wish to take with them.  EVERY Senior is encouraged to retrieve this data prior to leaving LPS.  Even if you are unsure if you will ever want it, it is very important to grab it NOW.  As soon as you leave LPS (even the day after leaving) your files are no longer available to you.

Cap/Gown Distribution

Caps and gowns will be delivered to school in May and will be distributed to students after the senior meeting on Tuesday, May 14th.  Make sure your student attends this meeting!

Senior Meeting handout

Lunch Accounts

Seniors should monitor their lunch account balance.  If a refund is needed on their account, they need to contact the cafeteria prior to May 22nd.  Any balance left in their lunch account is absorbed by Nutrition Services.


Immunization Records

Immunization records for graduating students will be placed in their graduation packets.  Please keep them in a safe place for future reference.   It is also recommended that senior parents and seniors go into ParentVue or StudentVue and print several copies of their immunizations before graduation as seniors will need this for future admission, employment, etc.  Once seniors graduate they will not be able to print their immunizations.


Diploma Facts

Students attending the LSW graduation ceremony will receive a blank diploma cover when walking across the stage. Providing all requirements have been met, the diploma itself will be given to them in a white packet AFTER the ceremony in the area where they waited prior to entering the ceremony. Students attending summer school will receive their diploma upon successful completion of summer school.

PLEASE DO NOT DISGARD THIS PACKET!! Not only does it contain the diploma, we have included the following:

Only 1 diploma is given to the graduate and cannot be duplicated. If the diploma is lost, the grad can request a Final Transcript which will have the graduation date listed.  All LPS 2019 graduate’s diplomas will list May 23, 2019, the last day of school, as the graduation date.

Final Transcript Facts

A Final Transcript is a transcript that has a student’s date of graduation listed. The student must request a Final Transcript be sent to the institution they will be attending. Sending a transcript to a college during a student’s final year that does not have a grad date does not fulfill the college’s requirement of a Final Transcript.   Many colleges will put a hold on future registration and/or financial aid if they do not receive a Final Transcript. Athletes are also reminded to request a Final Transcript for NCAA or NAIA—they, too, require a Final Transcript.

Senior Academic Reminders

  1. It is YOUR responsibility, if you are transferring from outside LPS, to provide documentation regarding Honor Roll from another school in order to be eligible for LSW 7 Semester Honor Roll. Do NOT wait until the last minute to address this issue.
  2. If you are graduating early as a JUNIOR, please let Brianne Wright, (main office) know if you would rather be honored at the LSW Honors Convocation with the junior class, or if you would rather be honored at the Senior Honors Program.
  3. Any academic achievement awarded at the senior honors convocation and/or at graduation are based on a student’s GPA through their seventh semester. Academic achievements, such as Top 3%, are subject to change after the final semester grades are included in the overall GPA. It is important to remember that taking a lighter course load in your final semester could affect your GPA and academic standing.

Academic Recognition information

Government and Politics

As part of this class requirement, students need to fulfill 20 hours of community service. All seniors are required to take Government and Politics their senior year.  Please encourage your student to START their volunteer hours. FIFTEEN of the twenty hours of community service can be completed prior to them taking the course. The remaining five hours will need to be completed the term that they actually take the Government and Politics Course. Seniors have until graduation to complete GoPo (Government & Politics) hours. However, if their hours are not complete by the time they complete the course, they will receive an incomplete (Inc) on their report card. This means they will not eligible for Honor Roll/Letter/Pin/7 Semester Honor Roll. Below is a link with information regarding what qualifies for the 20 hours:

Due dates for Government and Politics volunteer hour: