From the Principal's Desk...(Mike Gillotti)

Earlier in September the LPS student performance data for last year’s ACT exam was released. In reviewing the data we were pleased to see that our students demonstrated continued growth overall for our school. We review ACT student performance data each year to look for evidence of improvement as well as areas where our students can benefit from additional supports.

 In looking at the performance data from last spring, there are several positive signs that stand out. At the state level the average composite score remained steady at 21.4 as did the district’s composite score of 20.7. Here at Southwest, our composite score inched slightly upward from 22.2 to 22.5 for the 426 students that we administered the ACT to last spring. In addition to the composite score, ACT also provides schools with “benchmark scores” that are intended to provide more insight into how prepared students are for college level course work in the areas of English Composition, College Algebra, Social Science and Biology. The percentage of students statewide who met the benchmarks in all four areas was 28% for the class of 2017 while the percentage of LSW students who met all four benchmarks was 34%. Over the course of the past two years we have moved from 22.0 to 22.5 and in the past five years our average composite score has gone from 21.4 to 22.5.

This merits taking time to celebrate and serves as motivation to maintain our focus on continually working to improve the work we do to help prepare all of our students to put their best foot forward. This progress is just another testament to challenging work that takes place in our classrooms every day. We are grateful to have such a dedicated staff, hard working students and supportive community as we work to ensure that our students are pushed to maximize their potential as they prepare for their post-secondary education.

Mike Gillotti - Principal

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