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Senior Ad Information

Senior Ads are due January 12, 2018!  Personal ads come in a variety of sizes and are available at several prices ranges.  See link below for information.  This is a great way to recognize your student!

Senior Ad Info.

Announcements, Caps & Gowns

Lincoln Graduation will be at LSW on Tuesday, January 16 & Wednesday, January 17 to take orders and answer any questions over the noon hour from 11-12:45.  This will be the LAST time Lincoln Graduation will be at the school to take orders. The price of the cap and gown will go up the end of January so seniors are encouraged to get their order placed. If students need financial assistance with ordering a cap and gown, they should stop by the main office.  Please note this is the student's responsibility as the school does not order caps and gowns for students.

Order Instructions
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Government and Politics

As part of this class requirement, students need to fulfill 20 hours of community service. All seniors are required to take Government and Politics their senior year.  Seniors have until graduation to complete GoPo (Government & Politics) hours. However, if their hours are not complete by the time the class ends, they will receive an incomplete (Inc) on their report card. This means they will not eligible for Honor Roll/Letter/Pin/7 Semester Honor Roll. Below is a link with information regarding what qualifies for the 20 hours:

Due dates for Government and Politics volunteer hours