Support for Your Student

School Social Workers: Connecting Families, Schools & the Community

- Is your student having difficulty dealing with stress at school or other areas of life?

- Are you or your family facing challenges that you could use extra support or resources around?

If so, our school social worker, Michael Barber, would love to hear from you! As a licensed mental health professional, Mr. Barber is available to meet with students at school to provide in-the-moment support and crisis intervention when needed around a variety of situations—grief, peer issues, stress, trauma, self-harm, and more—that can cause distress and impact other areas of life. He works to problem-solve with families around substance use concerns, academic challenges, family conflict, truancy, and basic needs such as housing, food, clothing, and transportation. He also helps ensure that appropriate in-school supports can be accessed and assists in making connections to mental health therapists and medical providers in the community. 
Mr. Barber is Southwest's full-time social worker, so please feel free to reach out with questions or concerns! For more information about what social workers do in schools, visit and look for the "School Social Workers" brochure.
Michael Barber, MSW, PLMHP
402.436.1306 x. 66336