From the Principal's Desk...(Mike Gillotti)

While there is a still a lot of time left in our current school year, February is when we start looking ahead and planning for next year. A big part of our work will be focused helping students get registered for their classes next year and closely monitoring our enrollment numbers. This past month, our district shared that, due to surging enrollment numbers, three of Lincoln’s high school will be closed to transfers from outside of their school attendance area after the January 31st deadline. As a result, this may contribute to an uptick in our enrollment for the 2019-20 school year. We are also aware that the current eighth grade class across the city is a larger group of students and is also likely to push our enrollment numbers upward. We have already begun preparing for what this will mean for our class offerings and sizes. Fortunately, our structure as a block schedule school provides us with some ways to be creative and efficient in the event of rising enrollment. As we monitor next year’s enrollment numbers and registration data, our focus will continue to be on providing students a broad range of course offerings and ensuring that they receive a high-quality instructional experience with access to the help and support that they need to be successful Silver Hawks.

Thanks to all the parents and students who helped make last month’s Future Hawk Night a success. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to meet our Future Silver Hawks and answer questions from those who were still trying to determine which high school is the best fit for their students. Afterwards, we received a lot of great feedback from families about their experience, the resources provided in the program and the opportunities that they had to talk to teachers, coaches and sponsors. A common theme among parents I spoke with was all the good things they heard about Southwest from those of you who currently have students who are Silver Hawks. I always tell families that the best way to learn about the culture of a school is to talk to our current and former families. The transition to high school is the last big transition for students before they head out into the world and we want them to select the school that is the best fit for their needs. We certainly appreciate the kind words you’ve shared about Southwest with those who were still trying to make that decision.

February is a busy month as our winter activities begin to wrap up with state competitions beginning mid-month and lasting all the way into March. We are once again poised for a big finish to the winter activities season as our Hawks aim to end their seasons on a positive note.

Thanks for all you do for LSW!

 Mike Gillotti - Principal

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