LPS Technology

The LPS Portal

The LPS Portal contains a list of approved Instructional Technology Tools (web applications and services) that LPS teachers may be using with their classes. Students access the LPS Portal by clicking the ‘HOME’ button on their Chromebook. More information about tools found in the LPS Portal can be found on the Tech Tool Matrix (http://lps.org/go/matrix). Note:An upgrade applied during Winter Break introduced an updated interface and a more seamless sign-on experience.


Students can follow these steps to add an application to the “My Favorites” tab on their portal to make sign in even more efficient:

1.  Hover the mouse over the application
2.  Control+click on the application
3.  Select Add (tool) to Favorites

Safe Searching Tools

The LPS Key Concepts in Digital Citizenship emphasize students’ ability to “Apply strategies for effective and efficient searches for information” and “Evaluate and select appropriate sources to answer questions.” LPS Educators work hard to help students understand not every search should be a “Google” search. Students have access to high quality digital content, both from school or home, linked from our library web page. These resources include: eBooks, encyclopedias in multiple languages, databases of periodicals and reference resource, streaming media, and more!

For more information, visit the library web page found on our school’s website.