Buffett Scholarship Workshop!

LSW Class of 2020: The Counseling Center will be offering a workshop on the Buffett Scholarship WednesdayDecember 11th, after school in the A118 Forum. We will give an overview of the application, provide tips as well as pitfalls to completing the application, as well as help students to determine their eligibility for the scholarship.  Interested students should sign up online (check the Class of 2020 Google Classroom) or in the Counseling Center by December 10th, and are encouraged to bring their parents’ 2018 tax information (paper forms or photos of the first two pages) to determine eligibility. Applications are due February 1st, so get some tips from the pros! If you have questions, contact Mr. Peterson in the Counseling Center.

We will also be offering a more general, non-Buffett Scholarship workshop the following day, December 12th, also after school. This would be an excellent time to get help with your resume, specific application questions, essay writing, etc., all before break (an excellent time to get to work on these things, by the way). Sign-up is also available on the Google Classroom for the Class of 2020 and in C101! Both sessions should be done by around 4 p.m.