Senior Information


With new health directives coming out every week, we are waiting to make a final decision about how graduation ceremonies will take place for the Class of 2020. We know this can create a problem as you are trying to honor your graduating senior. Here is what we can share with you now:



Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to provide a safe celebration for our seniors. Please watch for more information to be released in June. Lincoln Graduation will distribute the caps and gowns in June when plans have been finalized. More information will be sent by your principal on that process.


Graduation Cap/Gown and Announcement Distribution

Graduation Announcements Pick-Up:  If you have not already picked up your graduation announcements, they are available at Lincoln Graduation. Please contact them at (402) 937-0812 for hours they are open or to set up a private appointment to pick them up.


Please be watching for further communication regarding graduation caps and gowns.


Immunization Records

Immunization records for graduating students will be placed in their graduation packets.  Please keep them in a safe place for future reference.   It is also recommended that senior parents and seniors go into ParentVue or StudentVue and print several copies of their immunizations before graduation as seniors will need this for future admission, employment, etc.  Once seniors graduate they will not be able to print their immunizations.

Diploma Facts

Students attending the LSW graduation ceremony will receive a blank diploma cover when walking across the stage. Providing all requirements have been met, the diploma itself will be given to them in a white packet AFTER the ceremony in the area where they waited prior to entering the ceremony. Students attending summer school will receive their diploma upon successful completion of summer school.

PLEASE DO NOT DISGARD THIS PACKET!! Not only does it contain the diploma, we have included the following:

Only one diploma is given to the graduate and cannot be duplicated. If the diploma is lost, the grad can request a Final Transcript which will have the graduation date listed.

All LPS 2020 graduate’s diplomas will list May 21, 2020, the last day of school, as the graduation date.

Final Transcript Facts

A Final Transcript is a transcript that has a student’s date of graduation listed. The student must request a Final Transcript be sent to the institution they will be attending. Sending a transcript to a college during a student’s final year that does not have a grad date does not fulfill the college’s requirement of a Final Transcript.   Many colleges will put a hold on future registration and/or financial aid if they do not receive a Final Transcript. Athletes are also reminded to request a Final Transcript for NCAA or NAIA—they, too, require a Final Transcript.  Seniors planning on attending a college/univeristy need to complete a 

Final Transcript Request Form

ACT/SAT scores are NOT included on transcripts.      

Contact Shannon Cornell, Registrar, with any questions regarding transcript requests.


Senior Honors

Under normal circumstances we would host a senior honors event recognizing seniors for their academic achievements. While we cannot have a traditional event, we would still like to produce a digital version of this event. To do this, we are still inviting seniors interested in being a part of senior honors to submit their information to us by completing the Google Form located in the 12th Grade Google Classroom. 


Government and Politics

 Due to the unique circumstances surrounding Covid-19, GOPO Hours will waived for 2019-2020 seniors, along with the corresponding reflection assignment.