Remote Learning, Grading & Graduation

Grading and Graduation During Remote Learning: 

The guidelines for Southwest vary slightly from the district guidelines due to our block schedule format. Most of our courses are single term courses that run for a one term and represent a full semester of learning. However, we do offer some traditional semester long courses that run from January through May in a few departments.

Grading and graduation guidelines for all of our courses during the closure are outlined below.

Term 3 Only Courses:

These ended prior to spring break. For students who currently have a grade of INCOMPLETE for their term three courses, they have until April 10 to work with their teachers to turn in the work necessary to update their INCOMPLETE to a letter grade. In many cases, teachers and students have already been in contact to get these resolved.

Term 4 Only Courses:

The vast majority of courses at Southwest right now are Term 4 courses. These courses start in March and run through May for five credits and receive a final grade based on work completed during that timeframe. For example, Chemistry Semester 2, Pre-Calculus Semester 2, English 10 semester 2, Economics, Civics, Biology, and Geography would all be considered Term 4 courses if they are a student's schedule right now.  

These courses have no grades that carry over from Term 3. These are new, separate courses that students are just beginning now. To earn grades in Term 4 courses,  students will need to work through remote learning. Students can wait to see how things go during remote learning and, at the end, decide if they want to take the letter grade or if they wish to take the course “Pass/Fail” for a grade of Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. At the end, a special Coronavirus Pandemic Closure designation will be noted in students' transcripts.

Students can wait to make this decision until closer to the end of the term. If they want the letter grade, they can fill out the grade request form that can be found in their grade level (9,10,11 or 12) Google Classroom, managed by the counselors. If they do not wish to take the letter grade, they can do nothing and they will automatically receive a grade of Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory by default.

Semester Long Courses:

These are very rare at Southwest. These are courses that run from January through May for a total of 5 credits and one final grade at the end. This is how courses work in traditional, non-block, high schools. Most of our students refer to these courses as “skinnies” in their schedule.

For these courses, all grades will either be Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory in the grade book. At the end of the semester, students will receive an overall semester grade of Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory based on work completed and a special Coronavirus Pandemic Closure designation will be noted in students transcripts. In these courses, students will have the option of using the grade they had at the end of third quarter for their final semester grade by completing a google form that they will find on their grade level (9,10,11,12) Google Classroom, managed by the counseling center.  Students can wait until closer to the end of the semester to complete this form if they wish to.


Students enrolled in eLearning courses will follow the same guidelines as other classes. Their eLearning teachers have already been posting communication and guidelines for completing work.

There will not be fall academic honors due to the unique fourth quarter circumstances. This will be noted on student transcripts as due to the Coronavirus Pandemic Closure.

The following changes are being implemented for graduating seniors at LPS this year:

  • Courses that placed students in the community, such as Government and Politics required volunteer hours, work experience, and/or internship courses, will have those service requirements waived.

  • School counselors will complete graduation checks and work individually with students. Students who are short on meeting requirements can fulfill needed coursework through eLearning courses, summer school, or independent study as identified by the counselor.

  • Final class rank is the students’ Term 2 rank. There will be no class rank calculated for seniors at the end of the school year.

As of now, summer school is still on as scheduled to move forward with classes starting May 27.

If students remain engaged during this unique situation and put forth effort, they will be able to move on academically and graduate on time.