**Parents may request and the District will provide information regarding the professional qualifications of their student's teachers and paraprofessionals. 

Abrahams, Terry tabrah@lps.org English
Anderson, Mark manders8@lps.org Business
Ashenbrenner, Adam aaschen@lps.org Mathematics
Bahe, Alex abahe@lps.org Informational Technology Coach
Bales, Lisa lbales@lps.org Social Studies
Beard, Melissa mbeard@lps.org Art
Benson, Brandi bbenson2@lps.org English/Newspaper/Yearbook
Belke, Rachael rbelke@lps.org Art
Berks, Terry tberks@lps.org English
Bittle, Charles cbittle@lps.org Science
Brady, Adam abrady2@lps.org Physical Education
Brenden, Lis lbrenden@lps.org Physical Education
Brown, Patti pjbrown@lps.org Special Education
Bullerdiek, Bruce bbullerd@lps.org Science
Burbach, Kay kburbach@lps.org Science
Bushhousen, Shayla sbushho@lps.org Mathematics
Cariotto, Amy acariot@lps.org Physical Education
Carothers, Chris ccarothe@lps.org Business
Christenson, Rebecca bchriste@lps.org World Language - Spanish and French
Cooper, Greg gcooper@lps.org Science
Cornish, Susan scornish@lps.org  World Language - Spanish
Cotton, Denise dcotton@lps.org Music
Cunningham, Tammy tcunning@lps.org World Language - Japanese
Danson, Jim jdanson@lps.org Social Studies
DeVries, Jeff jdevrie@lps.org Mathematics
Dutton, Toni tsiedel@lps.org English
Dwyer, Cyndi cdwyer@lps.org English
Fahrlander, Jacob jfahrla@lps.org Music
Finley, Aaron afinley@lps.org  World Language - German
Foster, Heather hfoster@lps.org Speech-Language Pathologist
Garner, Rachael rgarner@lps.org Science
Geist, Mike mgeist@lps.org Science
Gharzai, Shukria sgharzai@lps.org Mathematics
Giovannazzi, Robert rgiovana@lps.org World Language
Grime, Justin jgrime@lps.org English
Gross, Melanie mgross@lps.org English
Hammers, Sarah shamme@lps.org Science
Handelman, Scott shandel@lps.org Mathematics
Harbor, Mary mharbor@lps.org Speech-Language Pathologist
Harris, Elaine eharris@lps.org  World Language - Spanish
Heimes, Matt mheimes@lps.org English
Heimes, Toni theimes@lps.org English
Hennecke, Kevin khenne@lps.org Industrial Technology
Henrichs, Bob bhenrich@lps.org English/Drama
Hershberger, Dennis dhersh@lps.org Social Studies
Hill, James jhill2@lps.org  World Language - Spanish
Hines, Joan jhines@lps.org Family and Consumer Sciences
Hinrichs, Josh jhinric@lps.org Business
Jacobson, Andrew ajacobs2@lps.org Music
James, BJ bjames@lps.org Business
James, Matt mjames2@lps.org Mathematics
Jewell, Amy ajewell@lps.org Special Education
Jochum, Jeff jjochum1@lps.org Industrial Technology
Kantor, Troy tkantor@lps.org Special Education
Kelley, Alison akelley@lps.org Social Studies
Kirianov, Eugene ekirian@lps.org Science
Kneifl, Marge mkneifl@lps.org Business
Kramer, Angela akramer@lps.org English
Kreifels, Linda lkreife@lps.org Business
Larson, Ted tlarson@lps.org Social Studies
Little, Kathy klittle@lps.org Business
Lococo, Samantha slococo@lps.org World Language
Mann, Leslie lmann@lps.org Social Studies/Family Consumer Science
Manning-Kechely, Megan mmannin2@lps.org Music
Mera-Cantillo, Gertrudis gmera@lps.org World Language - Spanish
Molina, Elizabeth emolina@lps.org World Language - Spanish
Monroe, Philip (Courtney) pmonroe@lps.org Science
Moore, Danna  dmoore3@lps.org Social Studies
Nakagawa, Lori lanaka@lps.org English
Nash, Cindy cnash@lps.org Mathematics
Nettleton, Thomas tnettle@lps.org Social Studies
Novotny, Mark mnovotn@lps.org Science
Ogden, Tiffany togden@lps.org Mathematics
Ostermeier, Tricia tosterm@lps.org Special Education
Payant, Marla mpayant@lps.org English
Petska, Chad cpetska@lps.org Art
Piper, Tracy tpiper@lps.org English
Powers, Tiffany tpowers2@lps.org Mathematics

Raatz, Russ

rraatz@lps.org Social Studies
Salem, Ryan rsalem@lps.org Social Studies
Sapp, Willie wsapp@lps.org Art
Scheich, Derek dscheic@lps.org Social Studies
Schnell, Michelle mschnel@lps.org Media Center
Schrad, Kevin kschrad@lps.org Science
Schieffer, Nick nschief@lps.org Physical Education
Schumann, Kyle kschuma@lps.org Mathematics
Schuster, Brett bschust@lps.org Social Studies
Scofield, Sarah sscofie@lps.org Mathematics
Shanahan, Shelly sshanah@lps.org English
Sherman, Andrew asherma@lps.org Physical Education
Simpson, Travis tsimpson@lps.org Industrial Technology
Stone, Pete pstone@lps.org Science
Stopp, Alisha astopp@lps.org Special Education
Strack, Lynn lstrack@lps.org Special Education
Strasheim, Don dstrash@lps.org English
Tien, David dtien@lps.org Special Education
Tisdale, McKenzie mtisdale@lps.org Family and Consumer Science
Toman, George gtoman@lps.org School Psychologist
Traynowicz, Grant gtrayno@lps.org Physical Education
True, Ashli atrue@lps.org Mathematics
Tvrdy, Shelly stvrdy@lps.org  Business
Vampola, Scott svampola@lps.org Physical Education
Van Zandt, Sasha svanzand@lps.org World Language
Vargas, Ayla avargas@lps.org Science
Vernon, Mitch mvernon@lps.org Special Education
Vifquain, Gina gvifquai@lps.org Mathematics
Wadhams, Judy jwadhams@lps.org Special Education
Walker, Mindy mwalker5@lps.org Mathematics
Washut, Rachel rwashut@lps.org Family and Consumer Sciences
Watt, Mark mwatt@lps.org Physical Education
Way, Tracy tway@lps.org Family Consumer Science
Wichman, Courtney cwichman@lps.org Mathematics
Wilhelm, Alyssa awilhel2@lps.org Music
Zeilinger, Amber adreher@lps.org Social Studies