A message from Principal McDermott

Congratulations Senior Class of 2015!

You may have heard this before from us…please encourage your son or daughter to do their very best on the upcoming tests. If your student is a junior, you might have to say this at least four different times in the month of April. This month juniors get the opportunity to take the Nebraska State Accountability Tests (NeSA) for reading, math, and science. These are required by the State of Nebraska and students will take two tests for each category of reading, math, and science. We have set aside two consecutive blocks of time or more for these tests on three different Tuesdays in April (April 7—Reading; April 14—Math; and April 21—science). Then on Tuesday, April 28th, only juniors will be here at school and will take the ACT that morning. Parents of juniors should have received information about the ACT inventory and test from an earlier electronic school message.

We appreciate any support you can give your students when they take any assessment or test here at school. Encourage them to look at it as a way to prove to themselves and others that they understand the materials and information being taught by their teachers. We encourage them to take pride in their work and this is part of their work. We all expect them to put forth their best efforts and do the best quality work they can demonstrate daily. We have talked with all our students recently at class meetings about “intentional focus” and really centering in on their school work, particularly during this fourth term. This last quarter has lots of assessments and tests and lots of distractions, but we can’t allow students to let up on the great work they have been doing. Any words of encouragement on your part to your student is greatly appreciated on this end. Thanks again for all your support.

Hugh McDermott, Principal

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Please note: LSW recognizes latex precautions.  We do not accept latex balloons into the building due to individuals with allergies.

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