A message from your Principal

LPS is again partnering with BrightBytes to use the Clarity survey. Clarity helps schools and districts profile technology use and assess preparedness to leverage technology to impact learning. LPS administrators, teachers, students, and parents will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire (5-10 mins) to help paint a clearer picture of technology use at school and at home. Your participation and support is important and will make the difference between having a complete versus a limited understanding of technology use and skills in our District.


As I write this, here we are in the third week of the 2014-2015 school year! We’ve had a great start to the school year and I want to thank all students, parents, and staff for everyone’s help in making this a great start. We welcomed students with pep rallies, a Spiritfest, and a high level of enthusiasm as we started the thirteen year of making history here at Lincoln Southwest High School. For seniors, this year will culminate with them being the first SWHS class to graduate at the Pinnacle Arena; but we have a ton of work to do before all that happens.

Fall sports and clubs are off and running; and I encourage you to talk with your student about getting involved in some way with one or more of the sports, clubs, or other activities here at Southwest. Last year, LSW won the Nebraska School Activities Association All-Activities Award, The U.S. Cellular Cup for both the All-School and Girls Divisions in Class A. We finished first with 655 points in the All-School Division and first with 378.75 points in the Girls Division. The Silver Hawks have won two U.S. Cellular Cups for 2013-2014! The Silver Hawks earned U.S. Cellular Cup points in a total of 16 NSAA programs which underscore our school’s interscholastic activities program excellence. Our school will be presented the U.S. Cellular Cups on live television this fall during halftime of the NSAA Class B Football Championships Finals on Tuesday, November 25th at UNL’s Memorial Stadium! Stay tuned!

Students have begun signing up for the various school clubs now and if you want to know more about what is available, please check the LSW website tab “Student Life”, then “Club Information” to see over twenty-six clubs available to students and that number continues to grow. Sometimes, just your word of encouragement to your student to “try it, you might like it”, can be their ticket to meeting more students and having a great time getting involved.

A word about the latest ACT results…we are again pleased that LSW students made good gains on ALL subtests of the ACT last year. If you recall, this last year was the second year that ALL juniors in LPS were given the test. This was a big change from previous years when only those juniors who paid to take the test, took the test. Now, we give the test to all juniors within a school day, with no cost to the individual student. Our teaching staff will continue to challenge our students to do their very best on this assessment and ALL assessments to demonstrate to you and others that we see the importance of academic effort and success. Here is a table of ACT results from these last two years comparing LSW to state results:

Year/Total Tested English—LSW/State Mathematics LSW/State Reading LSW/State Science LSW/State Composite LSW/State

Year/Total Tested


Mathematics LSW/State

Reading LSW/State

Science LSW/State

Composite LSW/State













ACT research has shown that it is the rigor of coursework-rather than simply the number of core courses-that has the greatest impact on ACT performance and college readiness. Students who take more advanced math courses beyond Algebra and Geometry substantially increase their ACT math scores. Students taking Biology and Chemistry in combination with Physics typically achieve higher ACT science scores than students taking less than three years of science courses. Best advice to students? Please put forth a greater effort toward your present and future course work and take as many rigorous core (English, math, science, social studies) courses as you can. Seize this opportunity. All juniors will take the ACT on Tuesday, April 28, 2015—at no cost to them.

Hugh McDermott, Principal

“Lincoln Southwest High School—A Place Where Safety and Learning are the Highest Priorities”


Please note: LSW recognizes latex precautions.  We do not accept latex balloons into the building due to individuals with allergies.