A message from your Principal

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One of the great experiences I have as your student’s principal is the opportunity to meet with each class as a group in our auditorium, once each term. This “class meeting” happens usually about the second week of the term as students are starting new classes, schedules, and getting acclimated to these changes. I meet with students for thirty minutes. I started the first class meeting back in August talking to students about seven words (three sentences) to be successful here at SWHS. Those words/sentences are: Show up. Do the work. Be nice. There is nothing profound about these words, but they are incredibly important as we work with each other amongst the 1775 students and faculty here in our building. I’m pleased to let you know that I see evidence of most of our students implementing these simple statements. We also visited about our NeSA challenge and we shared a home-made video about how we expect students to behave in various areas of our school (Positive Behavior Supports Interventions/PBiS).

In the second class meeting, I spoke with students about personal drive, focus, energy, and determination in their daily work. I shared information about the number of students who failed a class and how we want to continue to reduce this number as we head toward term three. I asked everyone for their help to work on being more successful here. We again showed a home-made video on PBiS and appropriate student behavior.

During the third class meeting, I reminded students about the challenge I presented to them to reduce failure rates and the results indicated that students in grades 9, 10, and 11 made that happen. Our senior class failures were only slightly higher. I continued to challenge all students, particularly the seniors to work harder and smarter to reduce failing any classes for third and fourth terms. The results are not in yet, but I’m confident we will do a good job in this area.

The fourth class meeting is my last class opportunity this year to encourage our students to always do their very best on their daily work, their tests, and their projects. I will continue to encourage them to get involved in any of the wonderful clubs and activities we have here at Southwest. We want our students to take advantage and be proud of all the opportunities offered here at Southwest High School. Please visit with your student and encourage him/her to get involved this last term of this year. It may open the door to even more opportunities. Thanks for your support.

Take Care,

Hugh McDermott, Principal


“Lincoln Southwest High School—A Place Where Safety and Learning are the Highest Priorities”


Please note: LSW recognizes latex precautions.  We do not accept latex balloons into the building due to individuals with allergies.