Greetings Silver Hawks

Principal Mike Gillotti

As we focus on wrapping up this year, we also need to continue planning ahead for next year. As a part of that, our building will have some significant work taking place during the summer months. We have already started the process of having our building painted, with some of our classes spending two days in the media center while their classroom is being painted. So far this has been a smooth process and our students have done a great job adapting to the temporary relocation. Beginning in June, contractors will begin the process of refinishing and repainting the gym floors in both the practice and main gym areas. This is a significant undertaking that will result in our gyms being inaccessible between June 4th and July 13th. Due to the refinishing work taking place this summer, repainting our gyms will have to wait until next summer but when everything is completed, our gyms will look fantastic.

We are about teaching and learning and the learning part of that equation is not exclusive to students. Sometimes that means helping out those who are conducting research that can be beneficial to our work as educators as we plan to meet the needs of our students. In the spirit of learning, I would like to bring your attention to a project that has received IRB approval in partnership with the University of Nebraska Lincoln. The Parental Involvement Research Project, is a research study that investigates how mothers and fathers influence their teens’ well-being. Researchers know that mothers have a big impact on their teenage children’s well-being, but we know very little about fathers and how they are similar to and different from mothers. Researchers are looking for teens (13-18 years old) and both of their parents to complete separate online surveys. The survey asks questions about mothers’ and fathers’ parenting practices and teens’ thoughts and behaviors. Each family member that participates will be entered to win a $30 Amazon gift card (odds of winning are 1 in 20). For more information about the study, please contact Chelsie Temmen by phone at 402-413-1676 or by email at

On another note, we have seen an increase in the number of unsafe driving incidents increase over the past couple of weeks during our before and after school hours. If you have a student driver, please talk with them about going slow, following the rules of the road and being aware of pedestrians around them. We will also increase our presence in the parking lot to follow up with those who are driving in an unsafe manner.

Spring is here, at least in spirit. Spring activities are doing the best they can be considering the inclement weather that has interfered with their practice and competition schedules. At some point the sun will indeed come out tomorrow! Finally, in case you missed it while we were in between winter and spring activity seasons, our Speech team brought up the runner-up trophy from this year’s state speech competition. Capping off a tremendous finish to another great season of LSW Forensics.

Term four will go quickly, enjoy it while you can!  Thank you for all you do for our Silver Hawks

Mike Gillotti - Principal

“Southwest High School Mission Statement—Lincoln Southwest High School will inspire an academic, creative, and flexible learning environment.  Students, faculty, staff, and patrons will be challenged as a COMMUNITY OF LEARNERS to reach their maximum potential in a safe, caring, multicultural, and technological environment.

To promote the safety of students, staff, and visitors that are allergic to latex products, we do not allow latex balloons in our building.


The Lincoln Public Schools District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, age, genetic information, citizenship status or economic status in its programs, activities and employment.