The Superintendent of Schools is authorized by the Lincoln Board of Education to close public schools in case of severe weather. Representatives of the Superintendent’s staff will notify local news media when inclement weather warrants such action. The information is broadcast regularly by radio and television stations and is available on the LPS website.

Decision to Close Schools

Lincoln Public Schools has developed a mass communication system to assist in notifying parents of school closings due to weather. In addition, the district will broadcast information through LPS social media and will continue to notify all media outlets of any school closing due to weather. Radio, television, social media, and the mass communication system are different ways for various families to receive school closing information. 

Because the LPS mass communication system will be calling over 20,000 homes and families affecting almost 42,000 students, the system could require about 40-45 minutes to complete all calls. 

If a decision to close the schools the next day is made the evening before, the district will initiate calls to ensure notification of families by approximately 10:00 p.m. If the school closing decision is made early in the morning, phone calls to homes will begin as early as 5:45 a.m. the day of the school closing. 

In addition, the District will place an announcement of school closings as soon as possible on the LPS website –

After School Starts

Every attempt will be made to avoid closing school once classes are in session. If school is closed during the day parents should have a plan in place to accommodate these circumstances. All communication channels will be used to help notify families.

Parental Decisions

It is the practice of Lincoln Public Schools that schools remain open in inclement weather whenever possible. Parents may decide to keep their children home during inclement weather even if schools have not been closed by the Superintendent. 

The Superintendent recognizes that weather throughout the city and student transportation options may vary making it necessary for parents to make the final decisions regarding whether their children will attend school. 

Students whose parents notify school that they will be staying home due to inclement weather will have a parent acknowledged (PA) absence.

For more information, call (402) 436-1000.

Tornados: What Not to Do

Parents should not attempt to come to school during a tornado warning. School officials prefer to keep students at the school during tornado warnings. Depending on school size and staffing, it may or may not be possible to allow parents into the school during a weather emergency. Tornado safety procedures are practiced regularly by students and staff members. 

Also, parents are urged not to call radio and television stations and school buildings during severe weather. Every effort will be made to provide accurate and timely information through email, phone manager and the media.