Lincoln Southwest Dance Guidelines

School dances are scheduled from 8:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. 

  1. Homecoming is held at the high school. Prom is at a location other than LSW.
  2. A permission form must be completed for any guest, outside of LSW, prior to purchasing a ticket. Forms will be available in the main office.
  3. All students must show their student ID or some form of photo ID upon admittance to the dance.
  4. Students must arrive to the dance(s) by 9:00 p.m. No admittance will be allowed after that time.
  5. Once students exit the building, they may not return. LSW is not responsible for students who leave the dance prior to the dance ending.
  6. All school rules apply.
  7. Dance tickets will be sold Tuesday through 1:00 p.m. Thursday, the week of the dance.
  8. School fines must be paid prior to purchasing dance tickets.
  9. Daily attendance may affect eligibility to purchase dance tickets. Students must have less than the equivalent of 10 days of truancies during the current semester of prom.
  10. Supervisors reserve the right to remove students for inappropriate behavior/dancing.
  11. LSW is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Student Expectations at LPS Dances

Our hope is that our school dances are very special events for our students as they interact in positive ways in a safe and supervised environment. Parents, sponsors, and chaperones have invested countless hours in assuring that school dances are memorable events. Our students also invest time, energy, and money in preparation for the evening. We have had very few problems with school dances over the years. Our hope is that LPS school dances will continue to part of the high school experience, and that each student will have a fun and safe night.

One concern that the Lincoln Public School community has voiced about school dances is in regard to “freaking,” “juke dancing,” and other types of dances in which partners “grind”. Youtube can help you become familiarized with these terms if you so desire.

Inappropriate dancing is prohibited at all LPS dances. Students and parents have suggested that LPS establish “a clear and blunt” definition of “inappropriate dancing”. A focus group of students, parents and teachers were given the task of developing the following “clear and blunt” definition. 

Inappropriate dancing includes: 1) touching while dancing back to front, 2) touching of breasts, buttocks or genital areas, 3) feet that are raised off the floor and hands that are touching the floor, 4) “hiking-up” of skirts or dresses, 5) leaning against the wall while dancing, and 6) dancing that appears to be “simulating sex” or “grinding”. 

When a dancer exhibits any of these inappropriate motions, they will be warned or removed. If a student is removed, a staff member will notify the parents/guardian regarding arrangements for transportation. Other consequences could be determined by the school or school district including restrictions from other dances and similar activities.

All other LPS rules and student responsibilities apply at school dances. The Lincoln Police Department will always have a presence at school dances. Students may be turned over to an officer if they are suspected of drinking or drugging. If a LPD ticket is issued to the student, parents will be called to transport their child home safely. The ticketed student will also be suspended from school for five days and a LPS Student Services meeting will be required.

We are looking forward to a fun and safe event with our students. Lincoln Public Schools has always appreciated the support of our parents and guardians in these matters.